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OnePlus 5 Have Similar Display Aanel As OnePlus 3T

Jun 22, 2017 12:07 PM EDT

OnePlus has launched its latest smartphone on a global stage Tuesday. OnePlus 5 comes with latest Snapdragon Qualcomm 835 processor, dual-camera setup, a little bit improved design as compared to OnePlus 3T. But at the same time, OnePlus 5 boasts similar 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED 1080p display as that of OnePlus 3T. The Chinese smartphone maker used similar display panel in the latest flagship killer as the OnePlus 3T.

According to Go Android, AIDA64, a hardware and software information utility application for Android platform noticed a Samsung S6E3FA5 display panel on OnePlus 5 as well as OnePlus 3T. However, OnePlus 5 will come with some cool software tricks for display like Reading Mode that automatically changes the color temperature of the display based on the lighting condition. OnePlus 5 display panel also sports Gorilla Glass 5 protection as opposed to Gorilla Glass 4 protection on OnePlus 3T.

This is one change from the original OnePlus 3 that had an FA3 panel. It's not completely clear on what the differences are between FA3 and FA5. However, the OnePlus 5 has no hardware improvements over its predecessor, at least as far as the screen is concerned, as reported by GSM Arena.

Actually, the fresh reviews of the OnePlus 5 reveal a slightly lower maximum brightness and slightly worse sunlight legibility for the OnePlus 5 as compared to the OnePlus 3T. What about DCI-P3? That looks to be a software thing, similar to how OnePlus enabled sRGB with an update.

Using the same old display panel in OnePlus 5 is not a deal breaker since OnePlus offers other great stuff worth looking out in OnePlus 5 at the reasonable rate. OnePlus 5 has the good rear dual-camera set up and the dash charging feature which is attracting the customers. OnePlus has launched its flagship smartphone today in India at the price of INR 32,999.

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