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Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Appears On FCC Again, Reveals Specs & Other Details

Jun 13, 2017 07:14 AM EDT

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has shown up at the FCC again, this time with the documents containing an ANT + test report. While there are no images of the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in question associated the documents filed with the FCC.

This version of the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has been tested comes with two different model numbers which are listed in one of the documents. This includes model number for the devices SM-N935F and SM-N935FD.

That's the same set of model numbers which have both popped up last year before the Galaxy Note 7 was officially announced. The FCC documents also list this as a portable handset, so there's no question about these devices being the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 let alone smartphones in general.

According to Android Headlines, Samsung is having these devices tested with the FCC earlier also. It should be noted that the three South Korea-bound versions of the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 showed up at the FCC as well back on May 5, with model numbers listed as the SM-N935S, the SM-N935K, and the SM-N935L. So those that were certified with the FCC last month and are thought to be headed to three South Korean carriers are not the same models as those which are appearing currently.

The second FCC appearance is signaling that Samsung is close to releasing the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7. In any case, Samsung's Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is certainly an official device on the horizon; it's just a matter of where it lands and when it lands, and how much it will cost when it arrives.

If recent leaks and rumors are to be believed, then the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 may show up on July 7 with Bixby on board. Stay tuned to Droid Report for more update!

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