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‘Flipping Legend’ Comes To Android & iOS Devices On June 14

Jun 09, 2017 08:23 AM EDT


Game developer Hiding Spot Games and publisher Noodlecake announced on Thursday the release of the new video game “Flipping Legend” on June 14 on iOS and Android devices. The objective of the game is to collect loot and defeat foes while the character attempts to jump, flip, kick, and fight his way on a three-square panel grid.

While performing those stunts, the “Flipping Legend” player must also look out for traps and other perils as he moves through the grid, Android Authority reports. There are eight different characters that the gamer will have to unlock. The eight characters come with special abilities and skills each. The free-to-play game has in-game purchases to unlock extra content and remove ads. Players also have special daily challenges to complete.

Before June 14, gamers who could not wait for the roll out of “Flipping Legend” can download the tactical combat game’s beta version from the Google Play Store. The pattern-based, flipping combat game allows the player to use fists, spells, and weapons, Pocketgamer reports. To win, the player must know how to make the most of the three-wide grid when moving.

To move diagonally, the “Flipping Legend” player must tap on the left or right side of the screen. To change the pre-determined pattern, tab back to flip straight back once. Besides fighting enemies, the player must watch out for snake pits, ghosts, pits, and more dangers, and maximize speed when killing foes. Slow players will have their heart meters running out, so the gamer must keep on moving and stuck up on souls.

The playable characters in the “Flipping Legend” include a wizard, ninja, and sumo wrestler. The ninja has the ability to throw out shurikens while doing backflips. The wizard can throw distant multi-fireball attacks. There are also a lot of skins and costumes to unlock such as the Spider-Man and Scorpion for the ninja.

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