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Speculations Say Samsung Will Launch S-GPU In 2018 For Exynos Chips

Jun 09, 2017 08:17 AM EDT

In the future, more Samsung devices will have CPUs and GPUs made by the company and not by other tech companies. The South Korean tech giant had started the move on CPUs by manufacturing its Exynos chips which are now inside a growing number of Galaxy-branded devices. In 2018, Samsung will rely less on the Mali lineup of ARM for its GPUs and instead launch its own S-GPU, according to rumors.

The report, if correct, will be a repetition of what happened to CPUs when Samsung reduced being dependent on Qualcomm for its chipsets after it made its own Exynos SoC. However, by using Exynos, Samsung also increases its dependence on ARM which the Seoul-based tech giant wants to reduce by coming up with the S-GPU, Android Headlines reports.

By developing an in-house GPU, the S-GPU, Samsung will not only rely less on other tech companies but also hike its profit. It will also speed up technical advancement since it will have full control over the GPU. The S in S-GPU will stand for “Samsung,” which is consistent with the way the tech giant names its product lines such as the Galaxy S, S Pen, and S Health.

Samsung has been planning the S-GPU since October 2015. The news about the upcoming Samsung-branded GPU is from a leak in Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, according to Android Soul. If the plans push through, the S-GPU will add to the growing list of device components that Samsung manufacture for its own use.

The list includes AMOLED screens, camera sensors, wireless charging solution, and water and dust solution. A few months ago, there was also a rumor that Samsung will make its own version of the Gorilla Glass panels that Corning make. The name of the speculated Samsung-branded glass panel will be Turtle Glass.

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