Jul 05, 2020 | Updated: 11:00 AM EDT

BlackBerry KEYone Durability Test Reveals Smartphone Doesn't Fare Well In Test [Video]

Jun 09, 2017 04:09 PM EDT


The BlackBerry KEYone may be an early sale hit so far, but purchasers of this smartphone could be aware of what looks like a major issue with this device. This problem was reported by the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel as part of its infamous bend test for the KEYone.

Usually uoutuber JerryRigEverything doesn't precisely go easy on any of the smartphones he tests. However, the BlackBerry KEYone suffered more and more as the bend tests went on. Durability test started physically powerful, resisting the usual screen and camera lens scratch tests, but it didn't take long for the KEYone to buckle under pressure, as reported by 9to5 Google.

The BlackBerry KEYone is off to a high-quality start when subjected to the scratch test. Its screen withstands this as much as it should, while the textured fabric on the back is surprisingly resilient.

The video at first shows that the KEYone, which was actually made by TCL Communication, handles the channel's scratch tests well for the most part. The display also stands up to the channel's burn test. However, when the time came to put the BlackBerry KEYone through the bend test, the device's display quickly popped out of its frame.

The BlackBerry KEYone's screen also stopped working after the durability test. The channel notes that other KEYone owners have reported issues with the display popping out of their phones with little to no effort on their part, as reported by Android Authority.

This could turn out to be a somewhat serious issue for both TCL and BlackBerry, and JerryRigEverything recommends that purchasers of the KEYone purchase a case for the smartphone, which may keep the display from suddenly flying out. Watch the full of BlackBerry KEYone test below in the video.

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