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Amazon Axes Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans [Get New Plan Here]

Jun 09, 2017 07:41 AM EDT


Amazon Drive had one of the best deals around for large amounts of cloud storage. For $60 a year, the user could get unlimited storage for any of their files, which is a fairly unbeatable deal. However, there are slight changes in plans.

The plans got a little expensive for the service providers, apparently, and so Amazon has started reducing their plans to more convenient sizes. Microsoft dropped its own One Drive unlimited plan to 1TB, and now Amazon has followed suit with its own Amazon Drive, according to BGR.

Earlier, Amazon Drive's top row offered unlimited storage for $60 a year. Now, that same price point will offer a still-solid 1TB. Amazon will also present the ability to purchase additional storage at $60 per TB up to a total of 30TB of storage. The new limit goes into effect on Thursday but current unlimited tier clientele will retain their unlimited storage through its existing expiration date.

Going forward, Amazon Drive's plans will begin at $12 per year for 100GB of storage space with the next option being the 1TB plan. New customers who sign up for Amazon Drive will get 5GB of storage for free, and Amazon Prime customers will keep unlimited photo storage along with the 5GB of non-photo storage, as reported by Digit Trends.

If users currently have an unlimited plan and are storing more than 1TB of data, then the service will be considered in over-quote status when the current plan expires. At that point, the user will either need to purchase additional storage in sufficient terabyte increments to cover usage, or the service will no longer be able to upload new files.

However, the one part of good news is that anyone signed up for Amazon Prime yet gets free unlimited photo storage. Anyone who signs up for Amazon Drive still gets 5GB of data for free. Stay tuned to Droid Report for more update.

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