Jun 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:38 PM EDT

AMD Vega 10 To Featured In Upcoming HP Omen Gaming PC

Jun 09, 2017 06:25 AM EDT

HP is teasing their next-gen Omen gaming PC that could be configured with a single, or even GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI. However, the good news is that buyers can also opt in for AMD's upcoming Radeon RX Vega.

HP claims on its own advertisement for the new Omen gaming PC that anyone can configure it with 1 or 2 x GTX 1080, 1 or 2 x RX 480/580, or a single AMD Vega 10 with "timing/pricing TBC, late 2C17". Inside, the HP Omen gaming PC can be configured by Intel's new Core i5/i7 processors on the H270/Z270 chipsets, or go the AMD Ryzen way with the Ryzen 5/7 CPUs, as reported by Tweak Town.

With the Omen Accelerator, HP will also be offering a case for externally connected graphics cards ("eGPU") via Thunderbolt 3. Like the PowerColor Devil Box (Test), the Accelerator also accommodates a 2.5-inch drive so that today's very fast games can be stored next to the graphics card in the system. 

As noted on the slide timing and pricing for Vega-based, AMD Vega 10, system are currently unknown. The said machine will be powered by up to i7 Kabylake CPU or Ryzen 7. HP also introduced new GPU enclosure named HP Accelerator. It supports graphics cards up to 300W, according to Videocardz.

Finally, HP has also unveiled two Omen 17- and 15-inch notebooks. Both are equipped with Kabylake CPU and GeForce GTX graphics cards (1060 Max-Q for 15inch Omen).

In case the user needs some serious storage, the 32GB of RAM can be installed, with an optional PCIe-based NVMe-capable SSD and even dual HDD configurations inside the PC. HP has designed the Omen as a beast, with a "machine-like, battle armor inspired design" with HP offering an elective see-through door with internal lighting and an integrated handle on top of the case so that user can take Omen desktop gaming PC to a LAN even easier than before.

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