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LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus Launch On June 27 In South Korea

Jun 08, 2017 06:46 PM EDT


LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus are expected to be launched on June 27 in South Korea. A fresh report straight from South Korea states that the tech giant will launch the two LG G6 derivatives soon with impressive specs and features. Thus, it will be adding more smartphones to support LG Pay feature.

According to Phone Arena, the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus will be launched in LG's home turf on June 27 with all three major carriers in the countries. The carriers include SK Telecom, LG Telecom, and KTF. There are no complete details on the specifications and features, but it is reported that the LG G6 Pro smartphone will be available for purchase in South Korea for around $715, while the G6 Plus model will cost $890. In addition, LG G6 Plus will come with 128GB storage and Qi wireless charging feature, while the LG G6 Pro will come with 32GB of internal storage.

It is reported that the LG will introduce a new color option in the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus called "Astro Black." This will be a new variant to distinguish these new models from the standard G6 variant.

According to Android Headlines, the LG G6 which was launched ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone took the rival company and grabbed a lot of customers with amazing offers. Now, it is reported that the existence of the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus handsets was hinted by the insiders. It was claimed that the company opted to revise the LG G6 in an effort to prepare for the launch of the iPhone 8 and release more offerings that cater to consumers who buy high-end devices.

There are speculations that the LG G6 Pro and LG G6 Plus will be identical to the LG G6. In addition, it could be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and could feature a 4GB RAM, a 5.7-inch Full Vision display panel with an unconventional aspect ratio of 18:9, or 2:1.

Another smartphone that the LG is expected to launch is the LG V30. It is expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, and a secondary screen for notifications and shortcuts, similar to the LG V20.  The company has not yet made any official statements on LG G6 Pro, LG G6 Plus and LG V30 smartphones. Stay tuned for more updates.


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