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Microsoft Windows Surface Phone Latest News: Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Special Cortana Treatment As Fictional Phone Still Absent

May 06, 2017 10:29 AM EDT

The mythical Microsoft Surface Phone has so far remained fictional, putting to waste other products and services on the side of the Redmond company giant. Hence, Microsoft seems to be venturing out with a special Cortana edition app popping up over the Google PlayStore.

The move comes a bit of a surprise considering Microsoft and Samsung are rival brands. From the looks of it, Microsoft is expanding its app line by offering the “Microsoft Edition.” This package includes tons of preloaded Microsoft apps with Cortana reportedly following, Neowin reports.

The official name of the app is “Cortana for Samsung (Unreleased),” meaning any Android user can download it and give it a whirl. Considering the Samsung Galaxy S8 came out with “Bixby,” it will be interesting if this move by Microsoft will pan out. It initially seems to be a conflict unless Microsoft and/or Samsung have collaborated to find a way for both digital assistants to co-exist. Digital Trends reports that adding it could be all part of a move to optimize support for the dedicated hardware button for “Bixby.”

Either way, seeing “Cortana” and “Bixby” together on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ renders varying possibilities. With the Microsoft Surface Phone release still unknown, the only logical reason is that the Redmond company is ramping up their apps for use on other platforms.

Cortana runs smoothly on Android carrying features that are integrated closely with Windows 10. The same holds true when devices running on Android and Windows OS are paired. It accounts for better user experience which includes sharing notifications and allowing reminders that should benefit mobile phone users on phones running on both operating systems.

Aside from those, there is also the smartphone market to consider. With Microsoft lagging behind as far as apps and compatibility, the move could be a way to deliver more apps to users even if they run on a different mobile operating system.

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