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AMD Vega Release Scheduled For June 2017, AMD CEO Confirms

May 03, 2017 03:37 AM EDT

AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su has confirmed during the company's Q1 2017 earnings call that most awaited AMD Vega is on track for its Q2 2017 release. The AMD's highly anticipated next generation graphics architecture is all set to debut in the gaming and professional workstation markets before the end of June.

The confirmation for the release of AMD Vega came via the company's Q1 2017 earnings reports, where AMD stocks plummeted by nearly 18% this morning. However, it's not all bad news. The company significantly grew revenue, gross margins and market share year on year.

According to Market Wire, AMD's "Vega" GPU architecture is on the track to launch in Q2 and has been designed from scratch to address the most data- and visually-intensive next-generation workloads with key architecture advancements. AMD Vega includes a differentiated memory subsystem, next-generation geometry pipeline, new compute engine, and a new pixel engine.

AMD Vega will be launched in Q2 which is before the June ends, the CEO said in their quarterly financial report. It looks like the manufacturer has designed the new AMD Vega chips from scratch to care for various concerns and to also address most data and visually intensive workloads. AMD has also lined up their server end 'Naples' lineup of enterprise chips, at the same time.

The AMD Vega architecture is Radeon's latest 14nm graphics architecture and represents the most major step forward for the AMD since the introduction of Graphics Core Next architecture in 2011. Since then, GCN has gone into desktop and mobile graphics boards and every console from Sony and Microsoft.

While Vega maintains and builds on the similar GCN heritage, the basic building block of all of Radeon's graphics processors, the compute unit, is brand new in AMD Vega. This sets it apart from any other previous iteration of the graphics core next architecture.

AMD Vega is the second AMD graphics architecture to be coming with stacked High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) instead of the standard GDDR5. Exact release date is not disclosed but it could be anytime from today till all the way to June 30.

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