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‘Tekken 7’ Latest News: Release Date for PS4, Xbox One and PC Version! Full Details Inside

Apr 13, 2017 12:07 AM EDT


Initially announced in October 2015, the home version of the iconic arcade fighting game "Tekken 7" is finally coming to the PlayStation Xbox One and PC on June 2. This was a slight delay from the previously promised release in 2016; however, some say that it still came earlier than expected.

According to Mic, "Tekken 7" will feature a dark story which revolves around a feud between the Mishima clan. The game will also have new character additions like Kazumi Mishima, Heichachi Mishima's wife, and Kazuya's mother together with Shaheen, a Saudi fighter that has an acrobatic fighting style. Miguel Cabellero Rojo will also return seeking revenge for her sister's death.

38 playable characters are set to be played in "Tekken 7", including 8 new characters. Three of the characters will be unlocked over the coming months after the game's release.

"Tekken 7" will also feature highly detailed characters and dynamic, reactive environments. New mechanics like the Power Crush, which allows players to continue launching attacks while they receive damage, was also added.

Bandai Namco revealed that they will release "Tekken 7" Collector's Edition for PS4 and Xbox One which will include a 12x18 inch statue of "Tekken 7" main characters Heihachi and Kazuya locked in a battle, together with a special Steel book and the game's official soundtrack.

Xbox players who preorder "Tekken 7" will receive a free "Tekken 6" while PlayStation 4 players will get exclusive content including "Tekken 4" and "Tekken 2" costumes for Xiaoyu, King, and Jin. Players who will preorder on any platform will get a DLC access to the vampire fighter, Eliza, which was added in "Tekken Revolution".

The "Tekken 7" is now available for pre-order for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via steam) platforms. Pre-orders will be available in Bandai Namco, Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and Amazon that will cost around $50.99. The digital release will cost $59.99, International Business Times reported.

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