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Smartphones One Can Vape With: Vaporcade's Jupiter IO Smartphones

Jan 12, 2016 05:00 PM EST

Vape enthusiasts may have something to rejoice about, as vape-centric company Vaporcade just released another model for its line of vaping smartphones. Vaporcade paraded the Jupiter IO 3 in CES 2016, and it looks like it’ll soon have its following.

Vaporcade first released the news about the Jupiter IO 4 in November 2015, and it received considerable buzz around the Internet even then. Since November 18, 2015, Vaporcade has acquired all the licenses needed to move forward with producing and marketing the Jupiter IO 3. The Jupiter IO 4’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses are still pending approval.

Vaporcade is more than a niche vaping device and cartridge company. It is actually part of a larger organization, the Human Health Organization, also known as “H2O.” This company also owns the NeUll, which is an e-cigarette specially designed for prisons, as well as the Vapebot, which is a robot that tests the safety of e-cigarette use. If it isn’t obvious yet, this company is apparently conscientious about the impact of their product line on the human body and its health.

The team behind the Jupiter IO 3 includes the original designer and patent holder of the first-ever e-cigarette, Herbert A. Gilbert. Thus, a prospective owner of either model of the Jupiter vaping phones can proudly say that the designer of the first-ever e-cigarette designed his vaping phone, too. Bling for street cred, and all that. It’s something to be proud of, like a signed baseball or something.

Other than the first-ever designer for the e-cigarette, the founding team of Vaporcade also includes the brother of the director of the box office record-breaker, Titanic. Yes, former Marine John Cameron, who also worked on another e-cigarette company prior to Vaporcade, founded the company behind the Jupiter line of vaping smartphones. Given these star-studded names in the list of people behind this innovation, a Jupiter vaping phone definitely has the potential to induce a state of being starstrucked.

In any case, The Verge’s Ben Popper, who smoked a Jupiter IO 3 at the CES, may have enjoyed his try of the device, but he also admits that he won’t chuck his main device in favor of the Jupiter IO 3. The Jupiter phones run Android KitKat 4.4. According to Vaporcade, the Jupiter phones may be able to give out around 16 hours of battery life, thanks to two batteries. The difference between the two models is that the IO 3 only has 3G connectivity, while the IO 4 has 4G LTE connectivity. Both come with a really cool “Lightning Box,” which has a nifty design and actually lights up, too. What a user would do with a box that lights up is a bit of a head-scratcher, however. Maybe it’s just something you add to your nightstand, like a lava lamp, or something.

The Jupiter IO 3 is now available for purchase on, with an “Add To Cart” status. The Jupiter IO 4, on the other hand, already has the “Buy Now” status on its page, but there’s a note that indicates, “*Buy Now: This is not a contract for sale of the device, but is a refundable deposit that allows you to reserve a numbered production spot.” In addition, Vaporcade was explicit in admitting that the Jupiter IO 4’s FCC licenses are still pending approval.

It’s interesting to note that Vaporcade has limited the purchase of Jupiter IO’s to 5 devices per user, “Due to high demand.” Indeed, the Jupiter IO has already garnered its fan base, and 2016 is just starting. For vaping enthusiasts, having a Jupiter IO apparently lets you have your phone, and vape with it, too.


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