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AT&T May Carry Galaxy Note Pro

Jan 19, 2014 05:10 PM EST


AT&T is rumoured to carry Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro. According to @eveleaks, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro headed to AT&T with model number SM-P907A. The company has a P/E ratio of 26.04. AT&T has a market cap of $190.6 billion and is part of the telecommunications industry. AT&T Mobility home automation and Digital Life capitalizes on consumer experience within 50 markets. The plan is a key indicator of the economic housing market’s predicted growth with an direct impact from mobile. AT&T’s connected home automation is a personalized experience for consumers as their tasks get greater, solving a need to meet professional demands.

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Android smartphones, tablets and Digital Life offers security, convenience and peace of mind, in a customizable and easy-to-use experience from smartphones, tablets or PCs. These type of systems are cost effective, with the ability to integrate with many devices and services. Home automation systems are already a trendy in major city market areas and provide convenience of use to consumers. With Digital Life, customers can use their existing home broadband provider, and any wireless phone service, and enjoy the security and convenience of a home management system with the flexibility to meet their unique needs.

“Digital Life is committed to offering our customers an easy and convenient way to secure their homes, protect their families and simplify their lives from virtually anywhere,” said Kevin Petersen, president, Digital Life, Inc. “With the launch of these five  new markets, we’re looking forward to making Digital Life available to more customers throughout the country.”

AT&T’s revenue growth outpaced the industry average of 0.9%. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues slightly increased by 1.6%. AT&T INC has improved earnings per share by 7.6% in the most recent quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago. The company has demonstrated a pattern of positive earnings per share growth over the past year. We feel that this trend should continue. During the past fiscal year, AT&T INC increased its bottom line by earning $1.21 versus $0.66 in the prior year. This year, the market expects an improvement in earnings ($2.48).

With over 100 million smartphone owners, these mobile consumers want simplicity and speed. By 2014, worldwide mobile commerce will reach $352.7 billion. Mobile commerce in the US is expected to reach $11.6 billion in 2012, according to Forrester Research. AT&T’s Mobility has low subscription rates offered which range from $60 to $90. The cost of the device ranges from $200 to $400.

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