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Android and The Future of CDN

Jan 19, 2014 05:07 PM EST


CDN can improve delivery of Android apps through connected devices. It is predicted that connected devices are one of the main drivers of complexity. Complexity is to result in revenue opportunities for organizations that offer personalized web experiences. Managing complexity from mobile devices and all data networks will be in demand.

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Content Delivery Network Apps are a valuable way for users to leverage CDN in a low cost manner. There are solutions available today to assist in improving delivery of business applications which can be available over both private and public networks. A proper way to view CDN apps is as an appropriate integrated approach for business.

The architecture framework has also taken off recently. CDN architectures are expected to evolve. Content growth   will spur more requirements for analytics due to vast data generated through larger scale frameworks. Users can use CDN architecture to leverage data challenges and resolving analytics concerns.

CDN is poised to deliver the ultimate customer experiences through high traffic growth. CDN service providers and content businesses will look to evolve the CDN platform through enhancing video delivery and accelerating content. The industry has experienced a slew of new emerging business models to solve complex industry challenges.

There will be a demand for service providers to bridge the growing demand of content and drive revenues. Solution providers will seek new innovative ways to drive such value to media areas. Redefining CDN is a primary outlook. Many complexities have appeared within the areas of content acceleration, online transparent caching and the demand for more service exposure which affect operations. Bringing functionalities together increases efficiency.

A CDN offers higher capacity and opportunities for all organizations to scale. The content delivery network offers improved streaming quality for the user. With higher availabilities the chances of instant user redirection and  automatic server availability sensing are present. CDNs offer better availability and usage of analytics. The ability to optimize performance through real-time analysis are beneficial to revealing active regions and customer views reports.

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