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Embracing Education With Mobile

Jan 02, 2014 11:03 AM EST

Digital eBooks is the perfect "Student Hub", digital platform and online environment for students.  Today we have millions of mobile devices available on market. The company is a worldwide leader in digital ebook readers. The eBook Reader service currently has 4.5 million users worldwide. New developments have been consistent for the company annually. Introducing new products is a sure sign that it cares for its active student user base.

PBS LearningMedia released findings from a national survey of pre-K-12 teachers that provides a current snapshot of how teachers are utilizing technology in America’s classrooms, the types of technology teachers have access to and their attitudes toward technology. Three-quarters of teachers surveyed link educational technology to a growing list of benefits, saying technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content (74%), to motivate students to learn (74%), and to respond to a variety of learning styles (73%). Seven in 10 teachers (69%) surveyed said educational technology allows them to “do much more than ever before” for their students.


Retail ideas and trends change very quickly. Ideas like using the Android tablets are an ideal fit for the single payment platform that supports all sales channels. Integrating a strong multi-channel payment system can offer services on a global scale. This feature is available and is cost saving. Students can have the luxury of having a book delivered online while at the same time waiting for a physical book.

eBook Reader’s and Renting eTextbooks has become a popular option as consumers adopted Android smartphones and tablets. Students and readers can even use an eBook Reader to browse from a number of available ebooks. The sections are clear and easy to browse and navigate. Students can use Android mobile devices and instantly read and make a purchase. eBook Readers could save users the hassle of carrying physical books.

Google Play even rolled out a new addition to its store last August. Google now allows Android users to rent or purchase digital textbooks from its Books section. Android users can expect the best publishing partners from Google. Google’s digital textbooks can download instantly. The Google Play Books app offers search tools such as  dictionaries and translation tools.

Android is transforming with digital textbooks for the 21st century. Students using mobile devices now have greater opportunities to connect in classrooms. K-12 learning is adopting Android smartphones and tablets resulting in an overall impact of how users work and live with mobile. The company also integrates several digital mobile apps.

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