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Android News Of The Week

Dec 23, 2013 10:22 AM EST


The Unthinkable Is Happening: Apple's Dominance In Apps Is Slipping Away To Android

Business Insider published how Apple is turning into a secondary choice in the app world.

Google / SamsungUpdates

Top 5 Android Apps for the Week for Smartphones and Tablets

The article reports apps that have been updated on Google Play Store for Android.

Android smartphone made of solid titanium now available for $1800

Engadget reports about the Gresso Android Smartphone.

Best Android Apps Of 2013: Find Out Which Applications Made Our List

Google Play has over 1 million apps available in its store. Users had downloaded 50 billion apps in 2013. The store definitely offers a variety of apps for any type of Android user. One of the best features with Google Play’s shopping experience is its navigation. Android users can select apps and receive title or app recommendations. Its also user friendly through offering an instant install of any app selected so Android users don’t have to manually add in apps.

How to Update HTC One Google Play Edition to Official Android 4.4

International Business Times UK takes a look at Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update.

WhatsApp Reports 400 Mln Active Monthly Users

The popular WhatsApp Reports 400 Mln Active Monthly Users Read more.

Motorola's Prompt Android Updates

Learn from Time why Motorola's Prompt Android Updates Are Making Everyone Else Look Bad.

Best Productivity Apps

Android apps can help get the job done. Productivity is a significant area for better managing work and life. The use of analytics and problem solving related solutions required to incorporate a traditional business framework while implementing a lean approach is important. Leveraging new metrics and new processes, lean-development best practices has shown increased rates in productivity that applies well also to mobile technology adoption services.

Atheer Labs brings Android into 3D augmented reality

A video of Atheer One virtual Android augmented 3D reality.

How to Use Google Hangouts in Android 4.4 KitKat

Great how to article by Laptop Magazine.

Where Can You Donate Your Old Smartphone?

It’s that time of the year for giving back. What better way than to donate your old Android smartphones to someone else in need? There are many ways to do this over the holiday season. And many rewards by helping others. For users who may upgrade their smartphone over the holidays to those who may be simply disposing their old model smartphones for Android, donating these devices are sure to help those in need.

Android users loved dragons, zombies and football in 2013

View a list of the top games of 2013 from Google Play right here.

Gameloft Thinking About Implementing Immersive Mode For Its Android Games

Gameloft Thinking About Implementing Immersive Mode For Its Android Games by UberGizmo..

10 Best Android Apps of 2013

Information Week takes a look at the best apps from this year.

Android customizer Cyanogen notches $23M

Read the latest news from USAtoday.com.

Android: A Visual History

The Verge reports a visual history of Google's Android operating system.

KitKat Quickly on Moto Phones

The Android world is changing thanks to Motorola according to GigaOM.

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