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Who’s That Pokemon? Weird Glitch Appears in ‘Pokemon GO’

Mar 27, 2017 02:01 PM EDT

It seems like apart from adding shiny Pokémon to the "Pokémon Go", Niantic also added some unknown creatures to the game. The only problem is, it is not a known Pokémon, and it is not a Pokémon at all - more like a data cluster or rips in the matrix.

You may recall the glitch occurred in Pokémon Yellow, which for some reason, created a loophole for trainers to find the legendary Pokémon Mew. According to the various reports posted on Reddit's The Silph Road by trainers around the world, the weird little glitches in "Pokémon GO" can be captured, and will be recorded in both trainer's journal and the Pokedex as Squirtle - rather than a "new creature".

Apart from this, trainers also complained about other problems such as app crashing randomly, data not loading or taking a very long time, as well as double PokeStops appearing randomly. These problems seem to appear since the latest update of "Pokémon GO", which was distributed a few days ago.

This is not the first glitch on the "Pokémon GO". Last year, the game's tracking system has resulted in many complaints from the players - that the glitch renders every Pokémon the same distance away. The glitch, which detects that every Pokémon is a three-step-away, caused confusion and disappointment to the trainers. The tracking system since then has been changed into another style, which can be seen in the latest version.

The "transforming creature" also not the first time ever occurred in "Pokémon GO". Previously, other trainers have reported that the glitch (a caught Pokémon) will transform into another Pokémon randomly. Sometimes this works out in players' favor. One poster said that his high-powered Caterpie became a Charizard after it was caught. Others, however, have seen their Bulbasaur or other, more desirable monsters changed into common catches like Rattata.

Niantic has yet to release any official statement regarding the latest issue of "Pokemon GO." Players can expect that a new update will be released soon, and hopefully, it will fix the problems rather than bringing another type of glitch.  


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