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Top Alternatives You Can Use Over QuickBooks

Aug 05, 2021

Top Alternatives You Can Use Over QuickBooks

QuickBooks software is used by the majority of accountants who work for or with small businesses. A powerful feature that makes this software so popular is its QuickBooks Online module. It allows small businesses to give their accountants access to their books, which opens the doors for small businesses to cut costs by hiring freelance accountants as opposed to employing them full-time. Furthermore, the software allows small businesses to track income and expenses, pay bills, send invoices, and conveniently share reports and files with their accountants. But QuickBooks is not the best option price-wise, especially if you’ve just started your new business and need to maximize your available capital. Luckily, there are alternatives that offer everything you need. In this article, we’ll explore some top paid and free alternatives for QuickBooks Online. 1. The Best Free Alternative: Wave With over 3,5 million users and top ratings, Wave is the best free accounting software and an excellent QuickBooks alternative. Users say the product quality is incredible, and the system is user-friendly. Moreover, Wave doesn’t offer any package plans to its users. All of its features and services are the same for everyone. Suppose you’re a freelancer or a small service provider with a limited need for spreadsheets or advanced analyzes to keep track of your budget. In that case, Wave Accounting Software is a much more straightforward and user-friendly solution to fulfill your needs. Although it’s completely free to use, Wave provides you with all the financial information you need. You can access and understand all the information, even if you’re not familiar with how the entire accounting process works, because the interface is user-friendly and intuitive. They offer premium services such as credit card processing and payroll for those who need it, but at a fraction of the cost when compared to QuickBooks. The app allows small businesses and freelancers to track their financial reports easily, manage expenses, create and send invoices, and share the books with their accountants. As a bonus, Wave’s successful mobile app will help you stay in control of your business finances on the go. 2. Choose The FreshBooks Package That Suits Your Needs FreshBooks is perfect for service providers and freelancers who need a valid invoice and expense tracking system. It offers additional features like time tracking, basic accounting, useful reports, and a project management platform. By offering four different service packages, FreshBooks caters for you whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established service provider in need of a robust accounting platform. Their packages are Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select. • The first three options all provide unlimited estimates, expense entries, time-tracking, customized invoices, and many other perks. • While the Lite package allows you to bill up to 5 clients, the Plus package allows billing for up to 50 clients. • The Plus option offers additional features like scheduled late fees, client retainers, unlimited proposals, etc. • The Premium package includes all the features as Lite and Plus, but it allows you to bill up to 500 clients. • The Select package allows billing for over 500 clients and gives you a personal account manager, incredibly low credit card transaction rates, and specialized and customized training for your entire team. 3. Xero Is The Accounting Hero Xero caters for small and growing businesses. With Xero, businesses can pay bills, track profitability and sales, create invoices, and manage expenses and income. If you choose Xero, you can be confident that your accounting software will grow with your business. It offers three different packages for customers to choose from, and their offer becomes more substantial as they scale up: • The Starter package allows for up to 20 bank transactions, paying five bills, sending five invoices, and 20 bank reconciliations. • The Standard package allows unlimited invoicing, billing, and bank reconciliations. • The Premium plan includes all the perks that the Starter and Standard packages offer and can handle multiple currencies, which makes it a great option if you deal with international clients. All Xero packages include various financial reports, an unlimited number of users, file sharing, and access for your accountant. Depending on your business’s needs, Xero might be the perfect tool to help you grow your business with ease. Final Thoughts If you’re searching for a reliable alternative to QuickBooks Online, there are excellent options to choose from. Although some accounting software are free, they also offer premium features at an affordable price, like Wave. In contrast, others like Xero and FreshBooks aren’t free, but they’re affordable and have many packages to suit your bookkeeping needs. Before switching from QuickBooks Online to any of these options, do thorough research about all the details and services they offer to find the most suitable solution for your business.

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