May 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Files: Apple’s new File System Makes Presence on the App Store before Being Brought Down

Jun 06, 2017 07:44 PM EDT

With the Apple World Wide Developer Conference now live, the internet has diverted its concentration towards the Cupertino giant who's expected to bring in a lot of changes both in its hardware and software. Apple not only unveiled a totally new mobile-based operating system but also introduced a set of new changes that makes its way onto the existing devices. One among them happens to be 'Files', Apple's newly developed app that is now available on iPads.

In their previous Keynote, Apple claimed their newly built iPad Pro variant tablets were actually capable of replacing a standard consumer desktop. In reality, the comparison between Apple's new product to that of a standard desktop was so vast that the iPad didn't even include a basic file explorer. The Fortune 500 firm has now brought in such a system.

As per reports from MacRumours, the 'Files' app was already available on the Apple app store at the time of unveiling it during the keynote. The same report also mentions Apple has pulled it out of the app store later in the night. The new app only supports 64-bit architecture. File management was very key for Apple to back their previous claims.

'Files' will now be available on both existing iPads and also the newly introduced models when iOS 11 is released to the public, this fall. Apple has finally brought their new file system to both mobile and tablet devices with the inclusion of cloud apps like Box or even Google for that matter. According to reports from The Verge, the icon mainly resembles macOS rather than iOS.

Apple didn't just bring in 'Files' but also replaced HFS with Apple File Storage (APFS) that they developed exclusively for their devices. With the help of the new storage technology, there's also major improvements in terms of functionality and speed. Other updates about the WWDC keynote also included the macOS High Sierra, an update to the existing version.  

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