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Apple Latest News: First Beta Of Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Offered To Developers

May 19, 2017 05:59 PM EDT


A week into the latest iterations of iOS and macOS mad to the public. Apple has started to seed First beta of Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, two weeks before WWDC 2017.

An official seed for the first developer beta for both iOS 10.3.3 and macOS 10.12.6 was released by Apple marking a strategic ploy, iPhone Hacks reported. The seeds will see some minor bug fixes and security tweaks.

Apple has been actively running methods to lure in developers as their website, intended for enthused developers, has listed necessary steps to develop apps through macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and iOS 10.3.3. Developers can sign up to be a member of Apple Beta Software program where one can test-drive pre-release versions.

A registered member can enroll their respective device to gain access to public macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and iOS 10.3.3. Each public beta will sport a built-in feedback assistant app appearing on the Dock of the Mac and iOS users will find it on the second page of their respective home screen. This will enable users to report an issue directly to the Apple Feedback assistant. A move initiated to make it a user-friendly process.

Developers will be given access to building apps and games compatible with iOS and mac devices. However, there are minor bug issues that have been addressed more than anything. Users will not be expecting a host of changes, although security tweaks have been made.

Changes can be expected in MacBook Pro where macOS Sierra 10.12.6 will replace few function keys with OLED touch bar. The power button will also be powered by Touch ID capabilities, Cult of Mac reported.

The updates will enhance the performance bar significantly, and will mostly look to develop under-the-hood. It is rumored to be available within a week from now everywhere, although Apple has not made anything official yet.

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