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Moto C Series Is Ready To Give Motorola A Perfect Start In The Developing Market

May 19, 2017 02:58 PM EDT

In an official press release, Motorola has confirmed the rumors of its new edition, Moto C. The move indicates Motorola's bid to top the developing market charts.

Rumors that surfaced about a month ago were stated true in an official press release. Motorola will indeed dish out a lucrative offer to buyers who are looking for a Smartphone under the $100 mark. The specifications remain true to the rumors, and the basic Moto C will be joined by a bolstered Moto C Plus housing stellar features.

Moto C will be packed with a 2MP front shooter accompanying the 5MP snapper in the back. The snappers will have standard features, with no front flash or wide image mode enabled. Engadget reveals that Moto C will be powered by a 2350 mAh battery backup, although the C plus variant will boast of 4000 mAh battery.

As reported by, My ICT hub that will not be the major difference between the two variants. The difference in the camera quality can be easily imagined as the C plus will sport an 8MP rear shooter with standard resolution. Moto C plus will provide a dual-sim slot, a feature absent in the Moto C variant.

The Moto C 3G variant will start at a mere $89, and the 4G variant will be available for $99. However, Moto C will house 8GB internal storage in addition to 2GB RAM. The 16GB Moto C-plus, which is quickly becoming a crowd favorite will be capped at $119.

Motorola's E series embarked on a similar journey, although it faded midway when downloading apps deteriorated the phone's performance. The launch of Moto C will clearly dazzle the developing market, a sector untouched by many Smartphone giants.

The launch dates have not been released yet. Moto C and Moto C plus will hit the Asian pacific market first, with European and Latin America markets to follow. Meanwhile, for more updates on Moto C stay tuned with us!

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