Apr 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Apple Siri Speaker Features Roundup: Everything We Know So Far

May 19, 2017 09:59 AM EDT

As how people live their lives get more and more complex, many have resorted to using hands less and voices more to navigate the Internet. This is why in-home Internet connected speakers such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo have tremendously grown in popularity. In fact, they have already become the latest must-haves. Apple is not used to being behind on trends, so the company is said to be gearing up to face competition very soon.

The Siri Speaker

Apple has been rumored to be developing its own smart speaker that features its own popular voice assistant, Siri. A lot of what has been said about what the device can do has made it sound similar to the Amazon Echo. Reportedly, this device can respond to voice commands and queries, control home products and a lot more.

Now, people might ask how the so-called Siri Speaker will be different from the Amazon Echo and Google Home. That's aside from the obvious fact that it will be developed by Apple. Mac Rumors says that what will set it apart from the others will be sound quality. Apple is aiming for a better speaker and microphone technology. It is said to run on iOS and could include technology from Beats.

Cool Features

Forbes notes that Apple has always been famed for sound quality so it should excel in this area. Speculations also point out that, unlike the Amazon Echo or Google Home, the Siri Speaker will feature a screen. Another feature that this device would have to excel at would be Siri's intelligence. This could mean that Apple could be working on a massive improvement this year.

Another possible feature could be facial recognition. This will allow the Siri Speaker to detect which member of a certain household is in the room and adjust to his or her needs accordingly. Another possibility is that it can support integration with an array of third-party apps. This is considering the recent introduction of the iOS 10 SDK which allows developers to add Siri integration into their apps.

While talks are currently plenty about this upcoming so-called Siri Speaker, there has been no word yet on what this will be named officially. There have also been very few hints about this device's design, but reports suggest that it will feature a concave top with built in controls. This device will also be fat - which would somehow make it look like the Google Home.

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