Dec 09, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

[REVIEW] Google Pixel Beats Samsung Galaxy S8 In Camera Quality Competition

May 16, 2017 07:25 PM EDT

The overall point whySamsung Galaxy S8 lost to Google's Pixel is in still photography which DxOMark illustrates to its low noise. However, this particular feature makes the Galaxy S8 camera more appealing to photographers looking to record portraits with smooth skin tones. DxOMark claimed that Galaxy S8 has been one of the best devices tested for autofocus, with smooth, fast, and accurate performance in all lighting conditions.

The firm studies and tests the image quality produced by new devices then gives it an overall score, the DxOMark. It is also important to remember that DxO Labs is ultimately a for-profit consultancy, and be no means an independent adjudicator; still, DxOMark is an interesting benchmark where they tested that Goole Pixel came greater than Galaxy S8 when it comes in its camera quality.

According to Android Headlines, the DxOMark results for Samsung Galaxy are out now placing this flagship phone behind one point below Google's Pixel smartphone. DxOMark rates a smartphone based on its camera quality; as Galaxy S8 managed to achieve a score of 88, where it failed to beat the top photo score of 89 garnered by Google's owned Pixel smartphone.

According to Android Guys, the Samsung Galaxy S8 excels in the video recording in which it comes out at the top with sub-score of 88 points. This puts into joint top place for moving image quality alongside Google's Pixel, the Sony Xperia X, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. DxOMark claims that Galaxy S8's main strength for video is its excellent stabilization system along with its improved results in low light compared to its predecessor; not to mention its excellent color rendering with no color shading in bright light videos.

For the record, this year's flagship phone from Samsung was awarded the same as received by last year's flagship devices such as Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out better in a lot many areas as compared to the previous Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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