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AMD Ryzen 5 Witnessed A Better Feedback Than Intel's Kaby Lake Series In A Survey

May 11, 2017 06:24 PM EDT

AMD Ryzen series have come up with better results than the much talked Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs in a survey done by the "3DCenter" company. The results clearly show the participants have given much more positive feedback to the AMD lineup than the Kaby Lake series of Intel.

According to 3d Center, "3DCenter" conducted a survey to understand the views of users between the two latest series. AMD Ryzen clearly came up on top with much better results than Intel's Kaby Lake series. A whopping 83.9 percent of participants gave positive feedbacks to AMD's Ryzen 5 whereas only 12 percent felt positive about Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs.

Only 6.7 percent showed negative views on AMD Ryzen 5 and a further 9.4 percent responded as average. Whereas the Kaby Lake series witnessed a huge 42.7 percent negative and 45.3 percent average reviews. This is the first time any CPU line-up witnessed this much positive response from any survey conducted by "3DCenter".

AMD Ryzen 7 also saw a huge positive feedback from the participants. About 74.6 percent respondents felt positive about the Ryzen 7 series. The last highest positive feedback was given to Intel Sandy Bridge line-up back in 2011.

According to Mobi Picker, AMD's Ryzen series not only got the upper hand in performance but also the per-dollar comparison makes it a better option than the Kaby Lake series. When compared to the Intel Core i5 7400, Ryzen 5 1400 has the same number of cores as its rival's but possess a better thread value; eight compared to Intel's four.

For the Gamer community, AMD Ryzen series has emerged as a better and new option as the Kaby Lake series failed to win over. Before the official launch, AMD Ryzen series has already got the upper hand over its rivals. These surveys clearly show when these products will hit the market, buyers will definitely not hesitate to try their luck. In fact, as things stand, Intel Kaby Lake series has much to ponder about the market when the Ryzen series releases.

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