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iPad 2017 Review: Is This The Best iPad Yet

May 10, 2017 08:04 AM EDT

Apple has recently launched the 2017 iPad, and it might be more of an iPad SE version rather than an entire overhaul of the iPad lineup. The 2017 iPad serves as a luxurious device for people who want the same capabilities of their iPhone 7, but in a much bigger screen.

Things like browsing the web, typing a document, playing games and viewing videos, all of which felt monotonous and cumbersome in a 4.7-inch iPhone, look better now and is more pleasant to the eyes. The 2017 iPad is cheap for the same reasons the iPhone SE models are cheap, and this iPad retails for a starting price of $329.

This is the 7th iPad generation, and Apple has finally understood that giving tech access to common people would only do them good with increasing profits. The iPad is a simple tablet, as in it does most tasks with flawless speeds.

The 2017 iPad is also best suited for content consumption, and not meant for anything that requires high multi-threaded processing power. This tablet is the best mini-computer to have to lie around a home because it would always remain at an arm's length.

There are a number of normal tasks that the iPad excels in, including fast web browsing, smooth gaming, flawless video content consumption and social media surfing. Setting up the iPad to do most of the mundane tasks like checking emails becomes a breeze. The $329 model, however, doesn't fit quite well with high processing tasks. For that, users might have to snap open their MacBooks.

Design-wise the iPad is light and comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The tablet also does not have a physical mute button. As with all major Apple products of late, the iPad comes with a snappy fingerprint scanner.

Apple claims that the iPad would hold juice for a 10-hour long period of constant use, and this is a marked improvement over the earlier generations of the product. This device holds its own during a long and heated up gaming session and provides an excellent battery backup of up to 11 hours, more than what Apple claims.

The iPad comes in all shapes and sizes, and the entry level iPad gets a 32GB onboard storage and a pricetag of $329. The 9.7-inch iPad gets a price tag of $599 and the 12.9-inch has a price of $799. While there is a cellular enabled version that costs more, the base iPad does everything connected to a Wi-Fi network that a regular cellular enabled iPad does.

The iPad is best suited for people who don't want any processing power but want a fast device which is better in every aspect than the older iPad and does everything that a normal mobile phone does. As such, since Apple has reconsidered the price, the new iPad seems to be a steal. 


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