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[REVIEW] Microsoft’s Plans For The Upcoming Surface Phone

May 08, 2017 02:20 AM EDT

It's been two years since Microsoft launched a new Windows phone. While HP is still making Windows phone, Microsoft has been basically discreet on the subject about flagging mobile platform since 2015. People are now increasingly moving away from their laptops and switching onto smartphones, and if Microsoft wants to keep ahead with Samsung and Apple; they must produce a very convincing phone platform.

According to Trusted Reviews, Microsoft apparently has something in the works. The company's CEO Satya Nadella claimed as much on the Marketplace podcast Make Me Smart earlier this week. He confirmed that the company will make sure to make more phones in the future, but they will not look like the phones we have today.

Consumers must expect that the next phone flagship of Microsoft will be slow to appear. Windows for a phone was already late to the smartphone scene when Microsoft launched Windows Phone last 2010. At that time, Apple was a powerhouse with the iPhone, and Google had forged a worthy competitor with great Android devices such as Motorola Droid. However, Microsoft's mobile look was so radically cool; it conceivably had a chance to be a true contender in the phone industry,

According to iT Wire, Windows 10 equipped with a phone today has two things going for it. First, its interface is magnificent; without any of the cutesy affectations that iOS and Android have collected over the years. Second, the phone functions as mini PCs where users can phone all day and dock it with their monitor and keyboard for a traditional PC experience at night. Windows 10 Mobile was introduced already way back in 2015 alongside Microsoft's last flagship, the Lumia 950.

Ahead of Microsoft's hardware event last week, sources have hoped for a cloud-based phone. However, that dream was gone when the long-speculated Windows 10 Cloud was officially named a Windows 10 S. Instead of being a window into the cloud computing future, Windows 10 S resembles lightweight Windows variations like Windows RT and Windows 8.1 with Bing.

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