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Amazon Fire Stick vs. Google Chromecast: Important Reminders Before Buying, Kodi Piracy Debate Explained

May 05, 2017 02:06 AM EDT

Enjoying streaming media continues to boom and a cost-friendly way to watch movies and TV shows would be through the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. Both are cheap alternatives and basic to use. They do differ in some ways.

In the case of the Google Chromecast, it would be best to note that the media stick is more of a gateway to a service than a standalone product. It requires the use of an app (Android or iOS) which renders the selected show on your TV set. Alternatively, the media stick can be used to mirror displays on a mobile device or PC for a better view. Do take note that successfully mirroring videos on the TV set will still depend on various factors such as compatibility and resolution.

The Amazon Fire Stick, on the other hand, is a bit different. It is technically a standalone device where users can install hundreds of apps to the internal memory, NDTV reports. It comes with a Bluetooth remote for better navigation on the content that one would want to view on a bigger screen.

Looking at the market now for ways to stream media on non-Smart TV sets, these two sticks can serve its purpose. There are limitations particularly when mirroring is considered. Of the two, the Amazon Fire Stick seems better though questions arise on the available free content one can enjoy.

Piracy is a concern though all that depends on how streaming videos are accessed. Kodi is under fire as a channel for piracy but the real culprits are the one streaming unlicensed content. For the record, the app is simply a media player and organizer, a bit similar to Google Chrome, How To Geek explains. 

Apple TV and Android TV devices are also available as options. Though they cost more, they do stream directly to a TV set without complicated setups. The latter houses various add-ons and apps like Kodi, allowing anyone to view latest movies and shows.

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