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Best 5 Android Apps Of the Week Smartphone Users Must Download!

May 04, 2017 08:55 AM EDT

Apple's devices get more spotlight but as far as market share is concerned, there is no way that one can deny the dominance of Android phones. The main reasons for this is the numerous software options that are available to Android users and the ease with which they can use that software. Let's check out the Five best Android Apps of the week.


This email app is for those who have to receive and send a number of emails and feel the need to stay organized. Astro helps users send, receive and archive emails. The emails can be grouped into different folders as suggested by the app to help in organizing. It comes with a chatbot named Astrobot and would also help unsubscribe one from unwanted mailing lists. With no in-app purchases, Astro is pretty fun to use.

Star Wars: Puzzle of Droids

This one is for the Star Wars fans who wish to relive the experience from the eyes of BB-8. It is a regular three-match game. As mentioned in Android Police, Successful matches let BB-8 progress and cause damage to the opponent. Free with in-app purchases, this game is good for whiling away some time.


The much-loved game is now free with in-app purchases the mobile game. It is a two versus two game where one team member draws an object and the other has to guess it. The app lets players upgrade drawing kits and access a collection of words from various categories and languages.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Myst was a popular puzzle game and its new sequel Riven operates on similar elements and mechanics. As reported by Android Authority, The player has to explore around and solve the puzzle to get to the end. Improvements from the PC version include better graphics and touch control. Priced at $3.99, the game also sports a hint guide, auto-saving, and Google Play Games Achievements.


WeDo is a free to-do list app. It lets one create lists with reminders, due dates, and notes. With the social feature, one can also group one's task into different categories to stay more organized. Still, in development, this app might, however, have bugs.

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