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2017 DJI Latest News: Gearing Up To Unveil Tiny Drone In May At New York

Apr 29, 2017 12:09 PM EDT

DJI will be looking to launch the tiny drone known as Spark in May. It has confirmed the news by mailing the media about its launch.

DJI is no stranger to mass media attraction due to its technical competency, and recently it has mailed the media that a launch event is due in May. Spark will be smaller in size than the previous launch Mavic Pro and is priced affordably.

As per Tech Crunch, Spark will be monitored using a Smartphone rather than with a controller. The two axle gimbal drone comes with fixed prop arms and resembles the Mavic Pro because of the brushless motors. Spark is powered by collision detector and loaded with interesting technologies.

It is the cost which has caused a massive uproar rather than the specifications. IOE Business suggests that this might be DJI's least expensive drone ever. Priced at $499, Phantom 3 was its lowest priced drone, but it quickly lost pace and popularity due to the absence of collision detector. Mavic Pro, on the other hand, is a corporate delight but at $999, consumers expect a lot more to be offered.

The price has not been announced yet, but as per reports, it is likely to be capped under $500. DJI will be looking to make amends to the mistakes which cost shipment blues for Mavic Pro. The supply chains will be strengthened to widen its popularity.

Spark would look to solidify DJI's position in global drone market, but the move might backfire as the drone does not seem to pack any latest feature. The strength of the drone and its availability in harsh conditions will be questioned during the launch.

DJI has improved leaps and bounds, with Mavic Pro being a humdinger. There is a lot at stakes for the drone company as its overzealousness of mailing the media could prove costly. However, the World awaits for the cheapest drone ever to be built by DJI.

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