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Paranoid Android Teaser Image Reveals That The Development Of A New Update Is Underway

Apr 21, 2017 04:54 PM EDT


Latest updates reveal that recent teaser image of Paranoid Android suggests that a new update is in development. Although the Android ROM project received an update to version 6.0 based on Android Marshmallow June last year and promises of new updates, there have not been so much from Paranoid Android ever since.

However, the new teaser image posted on the official Paranoid Android Google plus page suggest that fans may receive something special very soon. The image was posted along with a text which says, "paranoidandroid" and the hashtag "#stayparanoid." According to Android Authority, keen-eyed commenters noted that they spotted a faded "O" symbol at the bottom of the image.

If this information turns out to be true, it could mean that Paranoid Android is teasing a revamped version of its Pie navigation controls. Meanwhile, reports have it that Paranoid Android project boss, Arz Bhatia, made some remarks with the intention of shedding light on recent development and the current status of the project.

"We try to release builds when they're stable enough to be called public releases and abandoned the concept of nightlies a long time back," Bhatia stated. He added that the project released Paranoid Android 6 when it was stable enough for daily use and it was updated only when necessary to eliminate bugs. But the project had to shift its focus from "features first to stability first" due to the lack of manpower.

He continued to say that Paranoid Android only has around 5 active developers that are currently working on the project, and they do it for the community with no profit-making involved. According to XDA Developers, Bhatia noted that the developers at Paranoid Android are passionate about building good products, so fans should expect the project to release only when we have achieved the intended level of goodness, perfection, and stability.

It is also reported that XDA Developers stated that they spotted movements on the Paranoid Android Gerrit with regards to Android Nougat. Although the Paranoid Android team did not reveal much, reports state that the developers are still planning to release an Android Nougat MR1.

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