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Details About Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses Reportedly Revealed In Accidental Document Leak

Apr 21, 2017 03:17 PM EDT


New updates suggest that the details about Apple's upcoming AR glasses may have been revealed in an accidental document leak. Rumors have been circulating online for some time now that Apple is developing augmented reality features, which the tech giant intends to first release to iPhones.

Tim Cook has already confirmed that Apple is working on AR glasses and has revealed everything about Apple plans for the AR glasses. Recent reports suggest that Apple's AR glasses could be having some issues in it current prototype state. Now freshly leaked documents may have confirmed the upcoming AR glasses.

It is reported that details about a prototype device - probably the AR glasses - that has caused eye strain for testers have been obtained from an accidentally leaked safety incident document sent to Apple employees. According to 9to5mac, the incident report was compiled by an Environment Health and Safety contractor who works for Apple. The report stated that he accidentally sent the document to hundreds of Apple employees, which eventually leaked to Gizmodo.

Apple is popularly known for its dedication to keeping its plans away from the public until the tech company is ready to reveal them to the public, but the recently leaked documents include important details about the developer's plan for future products like the AR glasses. The document is said to have revealed more than 70 different incidents that occurred in February and March including burns in the cafe, a knee injury while testing the Apple Watch while snowboarding

Judging by the title of the document, "Impact Descriptions Reported in [Santa Clara Valley] from Last Month" it appears to offer a timeline for the likely AR glasses prototype testing. According to Trusted Reviews, two of reports are unique in the sense that two Apple employees reported eye strain and discomfort after using an unnamed Apple prototype device. It is reported that the first incident occurred in late February:

"After BT4 user study, user advised study lead, that she experienced discomfort in her eye and said she was able to see the laser flash at several points during the study. Study lead referred her to the optometrist and secured prototype unit for analysis." Meanwhile, the second incident relating to the AR glasses occurred after a few days when an employee reported that he suffered pains in the eyes following his work with new prototype.

The employee believes the unit may have been tampered with as he noted that the security seal on the magenta case was broken. Many reports and tech enthusiasts believe the prototype that was mentioned in the document could be Apple's AR glasses product. However, Apple is not expected to launch its AR glasses until next year.

The reports in the leaked document also include details of other random incidents including that of an employee who opened a box of Apple Pencils with bad batteries and perceived strong odor emanating from the Pencils, which were leaking electrolytes. It is reported that another incident involving an employee who suffered a knee injury when skiing in the Tahoe area to test Apple Watch functionality was also included. The incidents and injuries suffered by Apple's employees provide the much-needed hints about the AR glasses/headset the developer is currently working on.

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