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Android Top Five Best Backup Apps; What And How Revealed

Apr 21, 2017 12:14 PM EDT

Backing up your files is an important step when you own an Android device. However, choosing the right application is something you have to think a hundred times. Now, here are some of the best backup applications you may want to include in your list.

CM Backup

CM Backup is one of the leading most used free backup apps for Android devices. Aside from Clean Master, Cheetah Mobile Cloud is also the developer of this app. CM Backup can offer you up to 5GB free cloud storage that could backup all of your data. If you want, you can restore your backup data to other device using the app. In addition, you can view your files from your personal computer with the provided web address. You may want to download it from Google Play Store. Once done, you are required to use either Google+ or Facebook account.


"No root required" as Android Authority described the Helium application being one of the top backup apps for Android devices. Being on the top, backing up all your data without the root required is the best feature of the app.

You can download the Helium - App Sync and Backup from Google Play Store. If you are done, you can now set up the app from your Android device using your Google account for login credentials. Helium app will require you to connect your phone to your personal computer using the USB data cable. From PC, find the Helium Backup from your Google Chrome's "Chrome Apps" menu. You can find it in the task bar. Install the app. Click the "Free" icon then proceeds to "Add" from the popup window. Once finished, open the Helium app on your Android device and PC. It will automatically pair the two devices. You can now backup your data.

App Backup Restore

This app has the ability to backup your Android apps your SD card or cloud and restores whenever you want to. Categorizing the apps is one of the features of App Backup Restore. It helps the user to categorize the apps by installation date, name and size. However, it does not backup the actual applications but its APKs that can be re-install afterward. If you want it, you can download it free or pay $4.99 for a premium from Google Play Store.

Easy Backup & Restore

From its name, Easy Backup & Restore is the easiest to use from all Android backup applications. It allows you to choose between backup the data in your device or to cloud storage. However, Easy Backup & Restore can backup everything except app data and settings since it only works with rooted Android devices. No premium and subscription requirements, it is entirely free for everyone. All you have to do is to download it from Google Play Store, install and use it as long as you want.

MyBackup/MyBackUp Pro

This app helps you to backup several data including music, apps, contacts, SMS, browser bookmarks and much more. You also have the option where do you want to do the backup on your device or on the external SD card. If you prefer the online backup, then MyBackup Pro is for you. In this version, you have more options than the regular version. You can backup your date either in the cloud storage, personal computer or in other devices.

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