May 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Players Get Choice Of Selecting From 4 Mega Bundles With 20 Characters Each At 2.0 Version Launch On April 25

Apr 21, 2017 11:38 AM EDT

At the launch on April 25 of the 2.0 version of “Heroes of the Storm,” players would have the choice of picking one of four mega bundles of characters. Every bundle has 20 heroes each. It would change the progression system of the game with players having the ability to unlock loot chests using random cosmetic rewards every time their accounts level up.

Venture Beat notes that although purchasing new heroes on “Heroes of the Storm” could be costly, the free mega bundle in the game gives the gamer a large selection that is all free. The four bundles are the Assassin, Support and Specialist, Tanks and Bruisers, and Flex. Heroes designed for an offense belong to the Assassin bundle, healers and other characters who help teammates are with the Support and Specialist bundle, while characters that can take a lot of damage before death are part of the Tanks and Bruisers bundle. Finally, characters with a mix of all these styles make up the Flex bundle.

With the mega bundles, “Heroes of the Storm” players could immediately create a large stable of heroes they own. At the same time, they help older players fill in their rosters and luring new players and encouraging lapsed gamers to return to the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game which would have a 2.0 version on April 25, GameSpot reported.

According to Destructoid, to receive the “Heroes of the Storm” freebies, players must log in once on the 2.0 update when it goes live on Tuesday until May 22. Those who log in would not receive a bundle reward directly. They would instead get 100 Gems, a new currency in 2.0, which gamers could use to unlock the bundle they prefer. After they pick a specific bundle, the other characters would be unlocked. However, the gaming website reminds players to check the characters that belong to their choice bundle because they would not get a discount or bonus if the bundle has characters they already own.

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