May 27, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

How to Take Screenshot on Any iPhone, iPad: 3 Easy Steps

Apr 20, 2017 08:34 PM EDT

Taking a photo of an iPhone or iPad screen is one way of keeping a copy of what’s exactly on the screen of the user. Fortunately, it only takes three easy steps to do it and the process is the same for any iOS device. There are two methods to do it, the first one by manually pressing iPhone buttons while the other is through Apple’s assistive touch.

The first way to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad is by pressing the Sleep / Wake button, which is also the power button, and the Home button, the circle button found on the screen, quickly and at the same time. The user will know the screenshot was successful when they hear a shutter sound and a flash of white on the screen. Once done, just go straight to the Screenshot folder in the Photos app to find the picture, according to Mac World.

The second method is through Apple’s assistive touch. All the user needs to do is click the assistive touch button and choose Device. Click More in the next menu that appears to find the screenshot button. A quick white flash and a shutter sound will confirm a screenshot has been made. And just like the first method, users can access the screenshot through the Photos app and screenshot folder. This option is ideal for users who prefer cannot use both hands at the moment or having problems with their home button.

Using the screenshot feature can be handy in many situations, according to How to Geek. For instance, users can keep a copy of an important conversation through a screenshot, keep a record of an important information quickly like phone number, discount code, website, especially when in a hurry.

Screenshots can be cropped, edited in any way using any editing app in iOS, and sent to any user through messengers, email, or even posted online.

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