Apr 21, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Microsoft’s Upcoming Hardware Event That Will Unveil Surface Pro 5 To Face Against Apple’s iPad Pro 2

Apr 20, 2017 07:55 PM EDT

Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 is highly expected to launch this coming May 2 which was previously reported that the device will retain Microsoft Connector instead of move to USB type C. On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Book 2 might not appear at the hardware event.

According to Express UK, Microsoft hardware event will take place soon and tech analyst has been waiting for any Surface device launch during the Windows 10 Cloud introduction. One of the most awaited hybrids is the Surface Pro 5; where reports have been hinting massive changes that will happen to the tablet.

Several tech analysts expect that Microsoft will announce education-related information at the hardware event, guessing whether the upcoming announcement involves a Surface device. Microsoft's next hybrid tablets will focus on education sector. They are expecting a refresh from the year-old Surface Pro 4. Since Microsoft is hosting the event, a device launch should be on the list.

However, the May 2 event apparently will not reveal any Surface Book iteration. Press invitations don't detail further but experts have come to believe that the Surface book 2 might not be ready. By this, that leaves Surface Pro 5 as one good reason why Microsoft is holding a hardware event.

As Microsoft' rivalry against iPad Pro 2, tech enthusiasts have learned that Apple will market the 10.5-inch tablet to the educational segment. With this, perhaps it does make sense that Microsoft is doing with Surface Pro 5 and Windows 10 Cloud are the innovations that might have the same purpose as Apple has.

According to The Verge, speculations have pointed that Microsoft is switching to USB Type-C port for charging; this will enable the tablet to connect with a wider range of third-party accessories. Although reports have also made that the Redmond Company might be looking to retain the Surface Connector instead.

The Surface Pro 5 will have 16GB RAM and 256GB internal storage on board. Along with it revamps, Microsoft will also unveil the next-gen Surface Pen; offers a wireless charging feature.

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