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Two ‘Titanfall 2’ Maps To Release On April 25 As Part Of Update ‘A Glitch In The Frontier’

Apr 20, 2017 08:39 PM EDT

On Tuesday, April 25, Respawn Entertainment would release two “Titanfall 2” maps through the free update “A Glitch in the Frontier.” These are the Glitch, a tranquil map, and Deck, a claustrophobic Live-Fire specific map. It also comes with several other goodies for the game.

According to Destructoid, these are the M.R.V.M Faction, Marked for Death game mode, Update to the Main Menu, Max Gen increase for Pilots, the ability to pick between Prime and regular executions for Titans, the Get to the Point [Pulse Blade] new execution, and a Live Fire mode added to Private Match options. Under “Titanfall 2’s” update, “A Glitch in the Frontier,” the Marked for Death game mode would be introduced as a featured mode revolving around the launch of the patch.

The Update to the Main Menu of “Titanfall 2’s” update, “A Glitch in the Frontier,” provides a new look and tiles for news and other cool stuff. With the Max Gen increase for Pilots, players could Gen to 100. They would also get new Gen icons for their callsign and receive a new one for each 10 Gens achieved.

WWG notes that the “Titanfall 2’s” update, “A Glitch in the Frontier,” would arrive across all versions of the game on the same day. The Glitch is a medium-sized map inspired by Harmony, the home planet of Captain Lastimosa, and designed for objective modes. It features long, twisting paths and vertical drops that dominate the environment which make it perfect for chaining together long wall runs to glide seamlessly across the map.

The Deck map of “Titanfall 2’s” update, “A Glitch in the Frontier,” is characterized by tight interior spaces, exposed courtyards, and watchful drones that are overhead, circling the area. In the background, players could see an M.R.V.N. or two puttering around. Cinema Blend adds that the game would also introduce two more playable Prime Titans, to include Ronin and Tone.

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