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Bandai Namco Files For ‘Pac-Man Maker’ Trademark, But It Could Be A Slot Machine Game

Apr 20, 2017 08:39 PM EDT

The European Union is reviewing a trademark application by Japanese publisher Bandai Namco for a project titled “Pac-Man Maker.” The publisher submitted the application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office on April 18. It may not be a game in active development since companies usually file for trademarks just to protect its intellectual property.

GameSpot notes that Bandai Namco operates a large arcade machine business which implies the “Pac-Man Maker” trademark, specifically Pac-Man Wild Edition, it filed for could be a slot machine game used in arcades only. On Tuesday, the Japanese publisher also filed a trademark for a new game, “Code Vein.” In 2016, “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” was rolled out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

VideoGamer notes that it could be Bandai Namco’s attempt to do something similar to Nintendo’s “Super Mario Maker” although it is speculation. Techno Buffalo points out that “Pac-Man” is a deceptively complex game with each board varied with a subtle difference to make it more challenging than the last board. The tech website recommends for Bandai Namco to make the “Pac-Man Maker” – assuming it is a video game – easier than the levels in “Super Mario Maker.”

Nintendo Life stresses that “Super Mario Maker” was a fantastic success on the Wii U by offering players an opportunity to place their creative skills to use in producing unique levels. Nintendo’s idea was to extend to other franchises within its possession which Bandai Namco appears to be following with the trademark application it filed for “Pac-Man Maker.”

Destructoid checked and notes there is no public listing for “Pac-Man Maker” in the United States Patent and Trademark Office yet. However, the office has old filings for 62 items such as “Pac-Man Feast” and “Pac-Man Pizza Parlor.”

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