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Morrowind Expansion Of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Is Focus Of New Trailer Ahead Of June 6 Release

Apr 20, 2017 10:57 AM EDT

When the Morrowind expansion of “The Elder Scrolls Online” launches on June 6, players would have the ability to fully customize the Warden. Given the versatility to make the Warden a healer, protector, or damage dealer, using the game character’s unique nature-based magic, the Warden could order a plant to grow from the ground as healing elements or summon a War Bear.

New Trailer

Fans of “The Elder Scrolls Online” were given a peek of the Morrowind expansion in a new trailer that Bethesda released on Tuesday. But the magic of the Warden is just one aspect of the expansion, GameSpot reports. The game developer also added the location of the Wardenfell, a storyline that involves Vivec, the warrior-poet, and a new PVP mode.

The trailer seeks to attract gamer’s attention in time for the Morrowind expansion of “The Elder Scrolls Online” on June 6. The roll out is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Warden is one of the first new classes tasked to guard the wild and protect Nim that would arrive on the title. The new characters would bring nature-related skills for battle use, Big Boss Battle reports.

Warden’s Abilities

According to VG247, among the furry Animal Companions that Wardens could summon in the Morrowind Expansion of “The Elder Scrolls Online” are a Betty or Bull Netch, a Grizzly, and a Cliff Racer. The Grizzly could be used as a tank. Another ability of Wardens is to summon a group of Shalk beetles to destroy up to six enemies within a certain range.

The Morrowind expansion of “The Elder Scrolls Online” also features Green Balance which draws protective boons and healing from nature. Winter Embrace permits the gamer to manipulate the cold and create defensive shields and barriers. More than 30 hours of main story content, a new Trial, and the 4v4v4v PvP mode, a new three team, would be featured on June 6 with the launch of the expansion.

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