May 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

The Upcoming Lenovo’s VR/AR Headsets: Ready To Set Sail Before The End Of 2017

Apr 20, 2017 01:08 PM EDT

Virtual Reality, which once was known as a futuristic prospect has now started to blend in. VR headsets by Oculus Rift, Hololens, and HTC Vive have already grasped the market with total dominance. Lenovo's bid to try and further enhance the market by introducing Windows compatible mixed reality headsets will give them a head start over its competitors.

As per Digital Trends, Lenovo with Microsoft has been planning on bringing this device for quite some time and the major attraction is the use of forward-facing stereo cameras. This particular feature brings in the prospect of much hyped Augmented Reality.

Lenovo is yet to launch the preview of the headset but the specifications are no longer hidden. The flip-up faceplate will be used to keep in touch with the real world without taking off the headset. The resolution is said to be higher than that of Oculus Rift which will make the headset an absolute humdinger, and to top that the "inside-out" sensorless tracking is embedded in it.

Lenovo's VP of consumer products sent the tech geeks into jitters when it announced that the price of this headset will be lower than that of Oculus Rift, as per Road to VR. The release date is understood to be well before the start of 2018.

Lenovo has added another feather to its cap and this is one will give all other companies a run for their money. Headset compatible laptops are ready to be marketed, an area where Samsung has a strong foothold.

Overall, this will bring life to Lenovo's quest for supremacy, and consumers shall find this product entertaining as well as affordable. Microsoft is fairly optimistic about its launch and this could start a new revolution in the Virtual Reality sector. Meanwhile, for more updates on Lenovo's Headset stay tuned with us!

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