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‘Pokemon Stars’ News and Update: Series Creator Tweets About Game; Fans Confused and Disappointed

Apr 19, 2017 10:40 PM EDT

Gamefreak’s Pokemon director, composer, and producer, Junichi Masuda, recently tweeted about the rumored “Pokemon Stars” but fans were confused and somewhat disappointed with the news. The tweet mentioned the game and its arrival date but it looks like it's not exactly what fans are hoping for.

According to reports, Masuda’s tweet was in German along with a link which says “POKÉMON-STARS KOMMEN IN DIE SCHWEIZ MASUDA & OHMORI AN DER POLYMANGA IN MONTREUX”. When this is translated into English via Google translate, the message means “Pokemon Stars” are coming to Montreux Switzerland for the Polymanga. And the stars are no other than Masuda and Ohmori.

At first, fans were confused if the tweet is correct or did it really came from Gamefreak’s director. Upon checking, the tweet is legit and the link included in the tweet is authentic. In the link, Games.CH announces the coming of two Pokemon developers to join the Polymanga panel and distribute autograms.

This led fans to be confused and disappointed with the tweet. They weren’t sure if the game is real or is it just a rumor after all. One user asked “So that rumor was fake after all?” while another user got the joke and said “Ohh, Stars as in "idols", got it!” This is because fans were hoping the series creator finally released new details about the rumored “Pokemon Stars” game coming to Nintendo Switch. However, the “Pokemon Stars” that the tweet was pertaining to was the two head developers of the Pokemon franchise, Masuda, and Ohmori.

Although no details were released about the game, Games reported that this should be a good sign for gamers because it means the developers are aware how excited fans are. “Pokemon Stars” is rumored to be a new franchise of the popular game to expand the Pokemon generation and possibly to come for Nintendo Switch.

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