May 28, 2020 | Updated: 10:04 PM EDT

LG G6 On Verizon Receives A Notable Update Adds April Security Patches

Apr 19, 2017 05:10 PM EDT


The Verizon LG G6 is getting an update with April security patches for Android that promote the betterment of some traits with an updated weight around 473 MB. In addition to Android security patches, it adds some extra sort of features with safety measures.

According to Verizon, LG G6 is running on Android version 7.0 on new software build VS98811A promotes extra features by clean up bugs and prominent issues of its previous version. Because there might be something else that is going with the update.

Beyond the security patches, there would be a bunch of notifications remind the user to insert Sim tray in order to avoid charging port from water damage thereby durability. Incase, moisture has been tied in chargeable port, it will disable charging at a moment let remind the user regarding disconnecting the USB charger.

The device measures up to 5.7 inch LCD screen with top resolution that builds around an extra size of 9:18 aspect ratio ensuring the screen is twice as large as its width. As far as the color generation is concerned, it is not still awesome when comparing to other devices.Nevertheless, it offering wide color gamut with HDR video support.

Fortunately, Verizon LG G6 comes with an easy to use settings panel that allows the user to direct how apps get perfectly fitted on the screen .unfortunately, this admirable option has no longer available for preinstalled software as the user could modify scaling for download applications only, Phone Arena reported.

Being a strong solid feeling Metal, it still feels notably durable enable the user to have a good grip on the handset though the device back side sounds like light weighted metal. As a bonus, it involves Massive notable fixes, which keeps the smartphone user just a bit safer to utilize. Verizon LG G6 has certainly a lot going for it and smartphone lover deserves it to enjoy the better overall experience.

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