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‘Overwatch Uprising’ News: Epic & Legendary Skins Revealed Making It A Loot Box,Here’s All Gamers Need To Know

Apr 12, 2017 09:55 AM EDT

"Overwatch Uprising", the latest update has been released finally. The game takes back the players to seven years into a battle in the shooter's history. However, that's not all, the game also involves plenty of character skins. The legendary and epic skins are definitely to die for.

Along with items and new skins, "Overwatch Uprising" also brings a new game mode. Interestingly, the game mode appears similar to the Halloween event of 2016. It would allow the players to fight the enemies along with a small group of teammates.The gamers not only get a closer view of the latest skins, but also get an idea of the price of the skins. However, it seems to be light on the pocket.

Some "Overwatch" heroes and villains also seem to get new skins and thereby sports a makeover. In one of the offscreen images of the Xbox One dashboard showed Torbjorn, Mercy, Reinhardt and Tracer in new getups. Gaming experts believe that if the leaked images are real, it would really match up to the "Overwatch Uprising" comic. In fact, it ends with all the four characters in four similar costumes showed to tackle a situation in London, IGN reported.

As per PVP LIVE, it is believed that the inclusion of new skins would definitely help Blizzard maintain a higher rank in the Digital Revenue chart. Blizzard had successfully been able to keep "Overwatch" at the top right from its release in 2016. That's not all, these new skins released on "Overwatch Uprising" isn't enough, there are others in the pipeline.

Michael Chu, "Overwatch" writer has mentioned about the arrival of three Hanzo skins really soon. The hint suggests that gamers might see a few new skins in the upcoming months. Apart from this, the "Overwatch Uprising" event would run from April 11 to May 1, 2017. It would also include about 100 collectibles to feast on.

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