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‘Overwatch: Insurrection’ Now Happening; Blizzard Boasts Of More Than 100 Collectible Items

Apr 12, 2017 06:48 AM EDT

After the leaked video and news spread earlier, Blizzard has finally launched its new event, "Overwatch: Insurrection" last April 11, 2017. It will be available until May 1, 2017, offering a bunch of new items essential to survive in the new game mode.

Blizzard talks about its new big event of "Overwatch" but never giving the full details. Suddenly, one video from France Playstation Youtube account leaked and pulled out, but enough to reveal what everyone is waiting for.

The "Overwatch: Insurrection" mode takes place in King's Row hybrid map wherein the players could choose either one of the major characters of the game. That includes Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjorn. The game uses new PvE or Players versus Environment horde mode style in which the characters will head-to-head with robots in a day mode version. The game mode has designed to let the players experience one of the key moments in "Overwatch" history seven years ago, according to GameSpot.

The "Overwatch: Insurrection" offered new themed skins for Widowmaker, McCree, Genji, Torbjorn, Bastion, Mercy, and Orisa. Aside from that, there are also new cosmetics, collectible items, poses and emotes for each character.

Speaking of new sprays in "Overwatch: Insurrection", Polygon summed up the reason why Widowmaker is a stand out because of its one particular cosmetic. The site stated that before becoming evil, Amelie or also known as Widowmaker worked for "Overwatch" with her husband, Gérard. The terrorist operation, Talon tried to take Gérard on his side but it did not happen. After the plan failed to take down the group from "Overwatch", Talon then turned to Amelie. He hypnotized her and made Amelie stick to one goal: to serve her team. When Talon ordered her to take out his husband from the group, without a doubt, she followed him. From then, Amelie a.k.a Widowmaker remained in a permanent attack mode that makes her one of the evils of the game.

From April 11 to May 1, "Overwatch: Insurrection" will be available for everyone. Go and try this game mode from Blizzard to get the offered new items to use. You may want to check out the video below to get to know more about the game.

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