May 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Book 2 Not Arriving In April 2017?

Apr 03, 2017 10:00 AM EDT

Previous reports have stated the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 might be released this Spring to the public. However, various sources are saying that the public might have to wait a little longer.

According to an article published in Slash Gear, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book might not be fulfilling the rumors and speculations regarding its release date. The article, which is written by JC Torres, said that sources are suggesting that these devices are still not ready for Spring.

"The Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4, which both launched at the same time, is over a year old. In the fast-paced, high turnover age of devices today, that's already way too old. Since Microsoft announced the Surface Studio late last year instead, there was a bit of hope that it would announce new tablets at its Spring hardware event next month," Torres wrote in his article. According to Tablet News, the predecessors of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2, the Pro 4 and the first Book, will already turn two years old this fall. This means that it is kind of considered as old especially to tech enthusiasts.

Moreover, it is also suggested that the company might have prepared the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2. This could mean that one of these device is just another ordinary Windows product.

How was this speculated? Slate stated in the same article that sources who are close with the company are supposedly silent about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 or in specific, these devices might not be ready for the public this Spring.

But at the same time, the company behind the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 is expected to announce new devices that would show the upcoming major update of the Windows 10, which is the Creators update. They are also expected to announce its locked down Windows 10 Cloud Edition. This Cloud Edition is said to be Redmon's equivalence to Google's Chrome OS.

Despite the name, the Windows 10 Cloud is more on about restricing access on what softwares and applications could be installed on devices. This could mean that only apps from the Windows store could be installed through desktop UWP apps. What could this mean to Microsoft Pro 5 and Book 2?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 might just be just another Windows 10 Cloud devices. If one is expecting the devices this month, just prepare for the worst.

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