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‘One Piece’ Manga 861 To Introduce New Character Crocodile Amid Plans For Big Mom’s Assassination?

Mar 28, 2017 08:25 AM EDT

Fans of the Japanese anime “One Piece” Manga are so focused on the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding and the Tea Party to follow that they may have missed a character from the manga seen on the first page of Chapter 860. So far, the only information about that character is he is Crocodile. The fellow is seen holding an open umbrella to protect a shivering puppy in the rain.

Dogtooth Uses Haki Ability

Spoilers for “One Piece” Manga 861 hint more information could be available about Crocodile in the coming chapters of the anime, GamesnAnime reports. In the meantime, everyone’s focus is on Commander Katukari, also known as Dogtooth. He is the second son of Big Mom or Charlotte Linlin. Dogtooth has Haki, the ability to see the future, but only for a few seconds before the event.

Dogtooth used that power to detect that one of the guests to the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding, Organ Trader Jigra who has a plot to kill the Yonku in “One Piece” Manga 861. But Jigra’s plan is not connected to a separate plan by Luffy and Bege to kill Big Mom. Instead, Jigra’s motive in wanting to kill Charlotte Linlin is as vengeance because it was Big Mom who killed the bedridden father of the organ trader.

Risk To Jinbe’s Life

“One Piece” Manga 861 would also continue on the risk to the life Jinbe is making by helping to plan Big Mom’s assassination. But Charlotte Linlin brings out the roulette wheel when Jinbe tells her of his plan to leave the Yonku’s forces. The numbers on the roulette wheel correspond to the number of Jinbe’s crew – whom he advised to take advantage of the expected chaos when the assassination plot unfolds to flee the place – who would be sacrificed so Jinbe could have freedom, the anime website reports.

As the characters gear up for their roles in the assassination plot, spoilers for “One Piece” Manga 861 said that the arranged signal for the assassination squad of Big Mom to rush into the Tea Party is Lady Pudding would shoot Sanji to massacre the Vinsmoke clan. It is separate from Bege and Luffy’s assassination plot of the Yonku.

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