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PlayStation 4 Pro Slim On The Works: Rumors Point Out To Slimmer Version With Additional Features

Mar 28, 2017 04:26 AM EDT


PlayStation 4 Pro is said to have a slimmer version, numerous sources say. However, this is not something to be ignored because it is said to have the bigger hard drive, built-in PlayStation VR support, and additional HDMI port. In addition, these features are something to be proud of, especially for those who plan to buy a new console for their PS4 games.

The rumored release date of the said console will be in line with Microsoft's "Project Scorpio," which is said to be the "most powerful console." If this is proven true, then the huge difference from the previous consoles including the PlayStation 4 Slim would be visible by console owners.

According to the Taiwanese Digitimes page, the report states the following claim that there will be "slim version" of the PlayStation 4. However, there were no specifications whatsoever. Going back to previous releases, Sony released the PlayStation 4 Slim, which leads to the "slim version" pointing out to the PlayStation 4 Pro. The statement can be viewed on the link above or through PlayStation Lifestyle's report. The video below shows the other rumors that are talked about:

First, the rumored PlayStation 4 Pro Slim is said to have the Dolby Atmos support for games, which will also include Ultra HD Blu-ray player for those who want to watch films and movies. Moreover, the console is said to have a bigger storage so that more games will be included in the game library. The storage is expected to be two terabytes. The players are also expected in Microsoft's upcoming "Project Scorpio." In addition, there will be an additional HDMI port for the console, according to TechRadar's report.

Furthermore, the built-in PlayStation VR is the center of all gaming because it provides new opportunities for game companies to incorporate new games involving virtual reality (VR). Most of all, these are all rumors and not yet proven true by Sony themselves. The main action is to wait for further announcements from Sony themselves.

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