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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Reportedly Delayed Till 2019 for Game-Changing New Feature

Mar 25, 2017 10:50 AM EDT


The Microsoft Surface Phone has been reportedly suffering a major delay for its release. The highly-anticipated new mobile device was thought to be in development now as Microsoft prepares its next big mobile release. 

According to the DrWindows, Microsoft is still knee-deep in the development of the Surface Phone, and is in fact, doing its best to perfect in the terms of its key feature which will serve as its selling point. The new game changing key feature is running Win32 applications.

One of the shortcomings of the excellent Windows phone heavyweight HP Elite X3 is its incapability to run desktop apps on the Windows 10. The smartphone received acclaim, but the lack of the feature turned many fans off the device. Others tried to find a workaround, but they do not expect to depend on this.

Microsoft is believed to make an official Win32 app support for Windows 10, which they are reportedly looking to make debut in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. The abovementioned German publication has also reported that the Microsoft Surface Phone is being designed to function as a pocket-sized laptop. Making that happen is proving to be a challenge for the company and a time-consuming one at that.

Because of this, Microsoft, while presently working away on the Microsoft Surface Phone, still has a long way to go before they complete the development of phone. The sources which spoke to DrWindows have also revealed that the company needs more time to work on the smartphone, which is why it is not coming until 2019.

According to Windows Report, Microsoft still needs time to perfectly tie up the loose ends of its CShell, Windows 10 ARM, Windows 10 Cloud, and Windows 10 Mobile previous to it can launch a PC in a smartphone form factor. Therefore Windows lovers will do well to exercise patience in waiting for the device.

However, Microsoft is not leaving users empty-handed as the company is working on a Windows 10 device that will reportedly see the light of day later this year. For more updates on Surface and Windows Phone stay tuned to Droid Report.

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