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‘Destiny 2’ Rumors: Leaked Poster Gives Initial Look and Possible Release Date of Video Game

Mar 24, 2017 09:22 AM EDT


As part of what has become a yearly Bungie tradition, the Italian retailer GameStop has revealed the first image of multi-player video game "Destiny 2" as leaked on an Italian website League Network. The leaked poster gave an initial look to the game and the possible release date with the beta access for pre-ordering.

The leaked poster of "Destiny 2" showed an artwork consisting of three Guardians not wearing helmets in their heads, which were very close to humans who played as actors in the video game's live action commercials. What was more enticing was that it mentioned the possible release date at the top that reads September 8.

Also in the leaked poster was the possible beta access for pre-ordering of "Destiny 2" revealing a beta will take place in June this year, though the full sentence was cut off. Some reliable sources have confirmed to Eurogamers that the image of the video game emerged on the web was indeed legitimate.

Another two leaked posters donning the same artwork were released by the Italian website but aside from a different angle, these images did not reveal much about "Destiny 2." The video game's poster header, however, had the same PlayStation blue accent that has been the trend on game covers seen in many years, with publishers linked to Sony looking to continue it with the sequel.

Base on the recent rumors circulating the web, "Destiny 2" promises to make a separation out of its predecessors to make it more drastically different, with the next video game confirming to have built planet regions. The leaked posters may have revealed few about the sequel but Bungie claimed that the next game "will be such a big leap forward" compare to the previous editions of the game, with rumors saying that it has built on a new engine and a PC version of the video game was worked out for the benefit of its fans.

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