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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 82 News & Updates: Toppo Not The Strongest Fighter; Jiren The Gray's Origin; Goku's Form

Mar 21, 2017 09:13 AM EDT


After two weeks of the fans waiting for a new episode, "Dragon Ball Super" has finally released its 82nd episode. The epic episode released by TOEI Animation unfolded a lot of things from Toppo being the strongest fighter in Universe 11 to Goku's new form for fighting his foes.

Episode 82 of the "Dragon Ball Super" shows that Toppo, the Leader of the Pride Trooper, and how he believes that he is not the strongest man in Universe 11. In the episode shown on YouTube, Toppo had an epic but damaging fight against Goku.

When Toppo was firstly introduced in the "Dragon Ball Super", he was seen as someone who was built to be the strongest fighter in their universe. Not only that, he was also considered as someone who could be the new God of Destruction.

After Toppo and Goku's bloody match in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82, the latter congratulated the former. However, Toppo does not really want to be linked with Goku since he is considered as someone who is evil in the multiverse.

Also in the episode of "Dragon Ball Super", Goku was revealed by Toppo that his thought about him being the strongest fighter in the Universe 11 is wrong. Toppo said that it was his friend Jiren The Gray who should claim that title.

In this YouTube video of Jiren The Gray, it is shown that the villain is a fresh name for the "Dragon Ball Super" series. He is not just the strongest man in Universe 11 but he is also the right hand of the Pride Trooper.

In that episode of "Dragon Ball Super", it is revealed that Jireh The Gray have some intimidating powers. Some of his powers include reading, detecting, and deflecting Goku's attack even if he is in his ultimate form.

With that, Jiren The Gray is considered as a physical specimen in the "Dragon Ball Super" that could have limitless power. Is this the end for Goku?

"Dragon Ball Super" seems to suggest that Goku is hiding something from the multiverse. Some are suggesting that Goku could have his final form as a combination of Super Saiyan God and a dynamic and this is something evil in the multiverse.

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