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‘Quake Champions’ To Enter Closed Beta Testing In Next Few Weeks

Mar 21, 2017 08:52 AM EDT

“Quake Champions,” an upcoming online area shooter game being developed Bethesda, would enter closed beta testing in the next few weeks, Tim Willits, creative director of id Software, discloses. Ahead of the game’s launch, the developer unveiled a few week ago the Champions Pack. It is an all-in purchase option that would provide to the buyer access to all the champions that Bethesda would release in the future and those who attended the game launch.

Commitment To Large esports Presence

Willits says that the release of “Quake Champions” is an indicator of Bethesda’s commitment to a large esports presence. To achieve that goal, a Bethesda is developing “Sacrifice,” a new team-based game mode. The same goal is shared by the game’s one-on-one “Duel” mode which is a do-or-die competition not being offered properly by any current first-person esports game, PC Gamer reports.

Besides being esports-friendly, “Quake Champions” would feature various spectating features such as “Duel” and “Sacrifice” which were based on feedback from several pro players. Those interested in signing up for the closed beta testing could sign up at Willits also shares that the game developer plans to have a “Quake Champions” tournament at Quakecon on Aug. 24-27 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Texas.

Different Opinions On New Game

However, while Destructoid lauds id Software for its excellent job in 2016 of rebooting “Doom,” an indicator that the studio knows how to develop a compelling shooter, the gaming website notes that while “Quake Champions” is a competent game, it does not really feel like the old shooter games. Another issue Destructoid raises in the PCs that Bethesda used to demo the game were going through some issues, specifically the computers were not updated so that the Microsoft automatic update system caused a lot of problems for Bethesda.

But CG Mag Online does not share Destructoid’s opinion. It considers “Quake Champions” a fantastic game because of its mix of fantasy, science fiction and crude cybernetics. The gaming website notes that the classic “Quake” feel was carried over into “Quake Champions.”

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